Web Services Stack for Linux

a High Performance Stack made for x86/x86_64 and ARM

Build Scalable Services for Linux

Duda I/O is an event driven web services framework. It has been designed to be very scalable with low memory and CPU consumption, the perfect solution High Production servers and Embedded environments, it's made for x86_64, x86 and ARM.

Achieve high performance is one of the principal goals, for hence the architecture is designed to take the most of the Linux Kernel. It provides a flexible packaging system, expose a friendly C API and support many features such as WebSockets, NoSQL, In-memory Key/Value store and much more.

High Performance

Duda I/O is build with high performance and low resources consumption in mind. Being optimized for Linux systems, it aims to take the most of the Linux Kernel. It provides a Non-blocking mechanism, Zero-Copy strategy plus other features such as Co-Routines.

Powerful Engine

The engine is written on top of Monkey HTTP Server technology, it delivers a full featured Core with extensibility capabilities through a Packages dynamic system.

Production Ready

Duda I/O is a Production-ready technology being in use by different business to help to scale services for Big Data, Realtime Ads, Home Automation within others.

Made for x86, x86_64 and ARM. Ready for Enterprise Servers and Embedded devices. Cloud and Mobile friendly.

General Features

As a professional Stack, Duda I/O delivers a complete environment for development, including tools to setup the proper stack according to your needs. The following list highlights the most relevant features available:

  • Friendly C API
  • Pseudo-Objects
  • Non-blocking / Event Driven
  • Dynamic Packages Support
  • Full Documentation
  • Web Sockets
  • JSON
  • Base64 / SHA1 / SHA256
  • Console Interface
  • In-Memory Key Value Store
  • Redis
  • SQLite
  • Mysql / MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL