Duda web services framework

Duda I/O is an event driven web services framework which exposes a friendly C API.

It has been designed to be very scalable with low memory and CPU consumption, the perfect solution for embedded and high production environments. Made for ARM, x86 and x86_64.

Why Duda ?

Most of web services implementations around lack of good perfomance and requires high system resources. As opposite, Duda is built with high performance and low resources consumption in mind, it takes the most of Monkey web server to achieve it goals.

We invite you to review our initial blog post about Duda and a comparisson about performance and resources usage:

License: LGPLv2

Duda is an open source project under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2. It means that you don't need to open source your project (as well you don't need to pay any fee for the stack). If is the case, you are only forced to release the modifications performed to some stack component.

The Stack

The HTTP core is powered by Monkey, a strong and mature open source web server for GNU/Linux. Duda is implemented as a plugin who wraps the Monkey internals and expose a C friendly API in pseudo-objects style.

Besides the core objects, it provides a packages system, so every web service can load on startup a third party object, at the moment the following packages are available: Websocket, JSON, SQLite, SHA1 and Base64.

The networking model is based in asynchronous sockets balanced through a number of fixed threads, on this way it achieve high performance and scale properly on demand.

Join us!

If you are interested into participate on this project feel free to contact us on irc.freenode.net #monkey or through our new mailing list.

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