Duda I/O

About Duda I/O

Duda I/O is a C framework to build Fast and Scalable Web Services. It primary goals are high performance, resources usage optimization, flexibility through a small core and a packaging system to load third party features on-demand.

In technical terms, Duda I/O provides a complete stack that works on non-blocking mode (event-driven) and callbacks for each kind of request operation to work with. The stack is build on top of Monkey HTTP Server, so it inherit all optimizations made to take the most of the Linux Kernel and scale properly on any kind of system, including the ones for Enterprise Linux or Embedded Linux.

Duda I/O is currently a production ready stack being in use by third parties implementing Ads Services, NoSQL frontends and Home Automation within others. It can be used on any field where performance and response times are critical.