Duda I/O

Download DudaC

Duda Client Manager is distributed through three main channels: main project website, Pypi and Github. You can choose any one of them depending of needs.

Main Project Site

To get the latest stable version of DudaC please visit the following link:


There you will find the latest version available which is distributed in tar/gz format.


The software URL on PyPi index is https://pypi.python.org/pypi/dudac, you can fecth a copy of the latest version from the web page or installing it directly from the command line using the pip tool, e.g:

$ pip install dudac

After that, check if it was installed correctly just typing dudac:

$ dudac


All source code around Duda I/O is published on GIT repositories on Github. To fetch the development version you can clone the main repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/monkey/dudac

Next Steps

Once DudaC is in place in your system, please proceed to the next steps in the following section to prepare your development environment.