Duda I/O

Web Services & Application Framework

by Eduardo Silva / @edsiper

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Duda I/O is an event-driven C framework
for the creation of High Performance Web Services.

Due to it flexible architecture it supports many features such as HTTP(s), Websockets, JSON, SQLite, Redis and others.

The Stack

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More than a single software, Duda I/O is a complete stack that integrate different set of layered features

High Performance

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Without caching, Duda I/O performs 6x times faster than NginX and NodeJS with real low resources usage.

Example: hello world!

#include "webservice.h"

DUDA_REGISTER("Duda I/O Examples", "Hello World");

void cb_hello(duda_request_t *dr)
    response->http_status(dr, 200);
    response->printf(dr, "Hello World!");
    response->end(dr, NULL);

int duda_main()
    map->static_add("/", "cb_hello");

    return 0;


GIT duda-examples